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Sexual and Mental Health Issue

Sex is more of a Mental Issue

Many people think about sex as something that their bodies do. However, much of sex life occurs in the brains. Basically, all thoughts, feelings, and genders play an important role of getting an individual turned on and remaining that way during sex.

Depression and anxiety can have a serious effect on arousal. There are also times when such mental issues can ruin your mood for sex. Anxiety and related mental issues can even make being relaxed enough to enjoy or even have sex difficult. Thus, such issues can overshadow the desire for sex when combined with intrusive distractions or worries. When struggling to function or feeling unwell, sex can’t be at the top of the mind.

How Mental Health Issues Affect Sexuality

Different types of mental health issues have different effects on sexuality. For instance, when you have a mental illness, your self-esteem can suffer. You can feel like you don’t deserve sexual attention. Some people view their bodies unrealistically and tend to discipline or deny their bodies as a coping strategy. Such people have unrealistic views of their bodies because of the perceptions the media has created in their minds.

Dealing with Sexual and Mental Health Issues

To deal with these mental and health issues, avoid defining or measuring yourself and focus on rediscovering yourself, self-appreciation and love for your bodies and sexual self.

Substance use can also put restrictions or limitations on the sexual interests of a person. The human brain is affected by drugs in ways that hinder them from feeling sexual pleasure for some time. Therefore, if you are abusing a substance, stop the habit and focus on addiction recovery.


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